plastic litter has without a doubt end up inescapable, and there’s nowhere you could hide from this pollutants. scientists observed that tiny shrimp-like creatures dwelling on the bottom of the mariana trench have plastic particles of their digestive structures. we’ve gone manner too a long way in polluting our planet and it’s excessive time we all began to apply much less plastic and reuse it in all possible approaches.

we’ve found some easy and creative ways to give plastic items a second life

#1 Make a compact greenhouse for your veggies out of a large PET bottle.

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a conventional greenhouse charges plenty and occupies tons of space while a bottle greenhouse is a great answer for a garden of any size. reduce off the lowest of a pet bottle, unscrew the cap, and put it to your lawn mattress so that the bottle surrounds the plant. this improvised greenhouse looks simple, but it’ll enlarge the new season for your greens and guard them from winds.

#2 Use plastic bottles as flower pots.

soda, milk, and juice bottles paintings simply high-quality as improvised flower pots. pick out a bottle massive enough on your flower, cut a hole of the right length, and fill the bottle with soil. don’t forget to punch little holes within the backside for right water drainage.

#3 Make a handy wall organizer out of detergent containers.

Old detergent containers cut in halves can make a nice wall organizer for your garage or workshop. Filled with soil, they will work just fine as flowerpots or planters for herbs in your kitchen.

#4 Turn 2 PET bottles into a waterproof stationery pouch.


Cut 2 bottles in halves and join them with the help of a zipper and some glue as shown in this video. This DIY pencil case looks unique and keeps your belongings safe in your bag or backpack.

#5 Turn a bottle into an improvised watering pot or even a shower.

punch holes in a bottle cap. fill the bottle with water, leave it within the solar until the water receives heat, and water your flowers. in case you’re willing to experiment, use a plastic bottle to restoration a leaking shower head. See this video for detailed instructions

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