Chocolate chip cookies are kind of splendid. so top notch, in reality, that a recent study determined that chocolate chip cookies trigger the equal neurobiological praise gadget in our brains as cocaine. happily, chocolate chip cookies are each scrumptious and criminal.

and with the help of simply one factor, you could degree up your chocolate chip cookies and lead them to even more impossible to resist. if you love pillowy-tender chocolate chip cookies, you have to do that baking trick.

by using adding cream cheese for your moist elements, you could carry moistness and richness in your cookie in an effort to change the whole lot you idea you knew approximately this humble cookie.

Averie Cooks has the full recipe.

Looking for other ways to catapult your chocolate chip cookies in the Hall of Fame?

Cream of Tartar

attempt adding cream of tartar. this heroic element will help your chocolate chip cookies rise and also hold your cookies from being dry or crumbly. tornadough alli has a recipe that makes use of cream of tartar as a pass-to ingredient.

Chill Your Dough

This epic chocolate chip recipe from david leite on the the big apple times is a cult-classic recipe for a motive. it’s a chunk greater time eating than your conventional toll residence recipe, but results don’t lie: chilling the dough for as a minimum 24 hours (but even better, as much as 36 hours) lets in your cookies to company up and maintain masses of decadent chewiness.

Use Bread Flour

here’s a easy manner to take your chocolate chip cookies to bakery-level perfection. follow alton brown’s recommendation and use bread flour for your cookies, rather than all-motive flour. bread flour’s higher protein content material gives the cookies greater quantity and works with the wet substances to expand glutens that flip out the chewiest cookies ever. find the recipe here..

Opt for Dark Brown Sugar

wondering which sort of brown sugar is satisfactory for chocolate chip cookies? well, if you’re seeking out a chewy, company chunk, then you have to pass for darkish brown sugar. that is because darkish brown sugar is denser and stops air pockets from forming on your dough. read greater approximately the technological know-how behind this on Serious Eats.

satisfied baking!

You can also check out this video by Oh Yum with Anna Olson

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