you recognize the drill. you meet a new man, you get on well, matters are going excellent, however you have this doubt in the returned of your thoughts.

“is he into me?”, “is he thinking about me?”, “how will you tell when a guy likes you?”

you don’t want to make the wrong pass or study into something that isn’t there and embarrass yourself! now not to fear as i’m going to show you 7 signs and symptoms he cares approximately you.

when you understand what to search for, you’ll be capable of actually see symptoms a guy likes you, and that he cares about you as more than a friend. this way, you can avoid confusion, kickstart your dating, or at the very least give you a few internal peace and readability with your situation…

here we move!

#1 He Cares About What Makes You Happy

that is one of the top signs he stuck feelings for you. whilst he can pay attention to what makes you glad and attempts to do that to the quality of his capacity, there’s a superb danger he cares greater than he may say. he cares approximately your nicely-being and is growing stronger feelings for you.

#2 He Gets Jealous

Pay attention to how he acts if you’re flirting with another guy or someone else is trying to hit on you.

now, i need to be clear which you should now not be doing anything deliberately to make him jealous. simply pay interest if he changes at all while he sees you with a person else. perhaps he’ll make a touch upon the man or ask in case you are collectively. he’s seeking to suss out if he ought to lose out to someone else.

#3 He Texts You

he is going out of his manner to say hello or top morning. perhaps it’s simply to comply with up with a conversation you had the opposite day or he’s asking in case you noticed such and the sort of display.

he’s looking to touch and hook up with you via taking the initiative. guys don’t normally textual content simply to text. if he’s achieving out all of the time and trying to start a verbal exchange, it’s due to the fact he wants to and he desires that with you.

#4 He Looks Good

i don’t imply that he’s handsome or good-looking. i suggest that he goes out of his way to appearance presentable and positioned-collectively round you. he’s trying to expose off his best self and which means putting in attempt to now not be so casual or appear to be a slob while he’s on your presence.

you’ll word if he’s installing attempt as it’s a little extraordinary than how he generally is. perhaps it’s a chunk of cologne, nicer shoes, anything. it’s one of the small signs he cares.

#5 He Playfully Teases You

that is a very commonplace component a man will do while he likes a girl. he would possibly make jokes, rib on you a touch bit or poke some amusing. the important thing here is that he’s trying to get you to laugh. it need to by no means be mean or hurtful. if he likes you, the closing aspect he’s going to want to do is offend or hurt you.

#6 He Asks You Personal Questions

I don’t mean that he’s asking intimate, uncomfortable questions. This refers to him just trying to get to know you. What do you like? What are your hobbies? What’s your favorite movie genre? Etc.

#7 He Jokes About Being Together

This is one of the most obvious signs he likes you. When he seems to be joking around and playfully makes mention of you being together.

he’s checking out the waters to look the way you react. if you’re repulsed and bad, he’ll quickly close down. however if he receives an amazing response, you may expect more jokes of this type or maybe “hypotheticals” he throws out. he’s trying to see if his preliminary emotions are being matched by using you.

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